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Our commitment to you is to empower you with the expertise to meaningfully contribute to EP procedures and patient wellbeing. That means offering a financially accessible curriculum of structured EP learning, delivered via on-demand lectures, accessible on any device at any time, and regularly updating our content to keep pace with current practices.

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Individualised learning on-demand

EP in Practice is a structured education program for those committed to excellence in their field. Lessons begin by walking you through fundamental concepts of Cardiac anatomy, how to perform basic EP pacing protocols and progressively push you to advanced SVT differentiation, rapid interpretation of moving EGMs and ultimately making meaningful contributions to patient diagnosis and therapy.

When combined, all 8 EP Programs consist of more than 120 lectures and 360 quiz questions, with plans to grow this offering over time. Join us and gain lifetime access to this invaluable resource. Together, let’s empower you to make meaningful contributions to EP procedures and patient care.


Demystifying EP. Learn the anatomical and physiological basis of arrhythmias as well as their presentation. Learn step-by-step how to conduct EP studies and interpret EGMs with confidence.


Master SVT in EP with our comprehensive program covering AVJRT, AVRT & Focal AT. Over 40 lessons, quizzes, and case studies guide you through the relevant anatomy, with a heavy emphasis on building confidence in EGM & Pacing maneuver interpretation, ensuring confidence in patient care.

Sample Videos from this Course

Not sure which program is right for you? Take a look at the sample videos below, which include some snippets of the content that you will find in our full-length lessons in the EP in Practice course.

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All courses offered by Cardiac Physiology in Practice are designed to ensure your advanced professional education is straightforward and accessible. Available 24/7 on any device, you can access your learning tools at home, at work, on mobile, and without limitations.

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Our educational programs are structured to propel you from a beginner level of knowledge to a highly proficient clinician. Take control of your career and advance your skill and knowledge.