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Educational Programs

Our structured programs are for those committed to excellence in clinical practice. We offer a comprehensive progressive education, accessible on any device, designed to empower you with the knowledge to meaningfully impact patient wellbeing.

Our programs are designed to be financially accessible and propel you from a novice to a highly proficient clinician, where you can mentor and set the standard for your colleagues. Join us to make a positive impact on the lives of patients who entrust their health and well-being to your expertise. Enroll now!


ECG in Practice


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Short Courses

Our short courses are focused educational content on specific topics and subjects. They are designed to be concise yet comprehensive up-to date educational content on specific topics.

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Cardiac Stress Testing in Focus

This targeted short course delivers educational content on cardiac stress testing in 2022. It covers topics including indications & the utility of stress testing as well as steps you can take to ensure a fully diagnostic test.

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Cardiac Cath Lab in Focus

Welcome to the Cath Lab! Suitable for Cardiac Physiologists, Nurses & Medical officers who work in the cath lab, this short course familiarises you with the rhythms, haemodynamics and procedures performed in the Cardiac Cath Lab.

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Aortic Stenosis in Focus

This is a short echo focused course on quantifying aortic stenosis with cardiac ultrasound. We will also cover TAVI procedures & relevant ECG features of aortic stenosis & TAVI procedures.

Webinars & Other Content

Concise presentations on specific topics or case studies to fast track or consolidate your knowledge in specific areas.

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The Diagnostic EP Study - webinar

Welcome to this entry level webinar, where we share our tips and tricks for performing a diagnostic EP study. Aimed at cardiac physiologists and EP nurses. Webinar from March, 2022

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VT Stimulation and Termination - Webinar

The second Webinar in the EP education series, we discuss the practicalities of performing a VT induction protocol. Webinar from April, 2022

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Brugada Pattern and Syndrome - Webinar

Understand all about Brugada Syndrome! From pathogenesis, ECG patterns, associated arrhythmia, pharmaceutical challenges and treatment options.


Basic To Advanced Echo Assessment of Aortic Stenosis

In this webinar we aim to cover all relevant info regarding the echocardiography assessment of aortic stenosis.


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Cardiac Devices & MRI

Much has been made of performing MRI pre & post checks for Cardiac Devices. This short webinar discusses some of the concepts of performing MRIs for patients with cardiac devices & assessing which devices are “MRI conditional.”


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