EP in Practice – Program 2



Master SVT in EP with our comprehensive program covering AVJRT, AVRT & Focal AT. Over 40 lessons, quizzes, and case studies guide you through the relevant anatomy, with a heavy emphasis on building confidence in EGM & Pacing maneuver interpretation, ensuring confidence in patient care.


EP in Practice – Program 2: SVT in EP

Our structured curriculum on AVJRT, AVRT, and Focal AT – will be your cornerstone of confidence in differentiating SVT in the EP lab. Over 40 lessons, quizzes, and real-life case studies, this program offers a stepwise approach to learning. In tandem with our complex SVT program, we are confident in offering the premier in-depth learning experience for SVT in a financially accessible and time-flexible manner.

What it includes?

  • We’ll guide you through the relevant anatomy and physiology for each arrhythmia, highlighting common presentations and ECG features.
  • Delve into the EP characteristics, EGM’s and pacing maneuvers specific to each arrhythmia.
  • Therapy goals & techniques of ablation with a keen focus on what to look out for during ablation.
  • Heavy emphasis on EGM interpretation and pacing maneuvers. Our goal is for you to be confident with EGM interpretation and performing pacing maneuvers by the end of this program.
  • We analyze hundreds of EGMs and provide live recorded EGMs at 100mm sweep speed for practical practice sessions.
  • Test your understanding at the end of each module with quizzes covering EGM interpretation, pacing maneuvers, and 3D electroanatomical maps with instantaneous feedback upon quiz submission.


This course is designed to be accessible to learners of all levels, our program doesn’t assume prior knowledge beyond our introductory content. Whether you’re new to EP or an experienced practitioner, you’ll find value in our detailed examination of advanced pacing maneuvers, 3D mapping techniques, and ECG & EGM interpretation.

Join us in mastering SVT in EP and have a positive impact on the lives of patients who entrust their health and well-being to your expertise.

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View Sample Course Videos:

AVJRT Post Pacing Interval

AVJRT Ablation

Retrograde Mapping Accessory Pathways

Focal AT Activation Mapping

Open Window Mapping

Case Study 5 – Mistakes were made

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