EP in Practice – Program 1



Demystifying EP. Learn the anatomical and physiological basis of arrhythmias as well as their presentation. Learn step-by-step how to conduct EP studies and interpret EGMs with confidence.


EP in Practice – Program 1: Introduction to EP

Welcome to the EP lab! We’ll take you through the fundamental principles of EP via 20 lectures and knowledge quizzes. Gain a thorough understanding of the arrhythmias commonly encountered in the EP lab, including their presentation, risk factors, and ECG manifestations. Explore the role of EP as a diagnostic and therapeutic tool, and unravel the technical terminology used in the EP lab.

We will walk you through the process of performing an EP study and help you read EGM’s like a pro. You’ll also delve into cardiac anatomy and physiology relevant to arrhythmia circuits & EP. We then dive deep into the biophysics behind RF, Cryo, and pulsed-field ablation in an understandable manner.

Who is this course for? Lab staff seeking deeper insights into EP procedures and clinicians new to the field of electrophysiology; this module specifically caters to you. Advanced practitioners will also find value in our detailed analysis of ablation biophysics.

Expand your knowledge and enhance patient care by enrolling in our EP course today. Gain practical skills to excel in your practice and make meaningful contributions in the EP lab.

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SA Node Anatomy

Introduction to SVT

RF Biophysics

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